Norman Nicholson House Project

Recently visited Millom for the Norman Nicholson Society’s, Norman Nicholson House Project Launch – an initiative to buy Nicholson’s lifelong home for Community and literary purposes, whilst preserving the key site of this important 20th Century poet and writer, and providing a Community focal point in Nicholson’s home town.

Delighted to be announced as a Patron of the project and to be able to support the Society’s plans to secure such an important Community, local historical and literary site of note, and of National literary importance.

Nicholson was a Poet of Place, with keen interest in natural history, people’s lives, their Communities, their industries and landscapes – he wrote, often from the edgelands, looking into The Lakes, before we coined the notion of the edgeland, that is now a popular zonal reference point in Nature writing.

His topographical writing in “Greater Lakeland” – NN, Robert Hale 1969 – defines The Lakes by describing the wider areas of Cumbria, their histories, industries and the industrial past of the Lake District itself – a key reference work in the shaping of landscape, people and Place.

Nicholson was also a keen observer of geological time, the rock’s permanence and Cumbria’s structure from the bedrock, up – the way this influences life (for example – at the time of his writing, the ore mining in Millom – see also image here, from the town’s square – and how it was from the rock that the very milk and food of society were provided by a community’s toil) – Nicholson described the local and deep-rooted notions of community existence and its environmental impacts and interdependencies. 

A keen naturalist, Nicholson references many flora and fauna observations throughout his work, often encountered on industrial or post-industrial recovery sites, noting their resilience, but also their marked fragility and importance, in their Place.

This is a great project and I’m looking forward to providing Patron support as it continues towards securing this important historical building, which defines Nicholson’s writing, rootedness, Place, Community and achievement.

See also the Society’s website for more information on how to engage with this project and to learn more about Nicholson’s poetry, prose, plays, and topographical writing

Images – Copyright: Phil Houghton

The journey to Norman Nicholson House Project Launch, Millom – All the seasons in one day

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