Heritage on the Mountain…& very much at home…

Late March and the southerly flanks of Blease Fell, Blencathra – Cumbrian Mountains – gave a positively Alpine outlook.

The sky, a vivid blue, snow covering the upper limits of the Helvellyn range, and the Blencathra Field Studies Centre basking in almost summer warmth.

This was the scene set for a gathering of mountaineering and climbing supporters, summiteers, expeditionary endeavour, and Press, to mark the opening of the Mountain Heritage Trust’s new home for its Archive at FSC’s Blencathra Centre campus – on the Mountain.

I had been invited to deliver a poem, as the act of opening the archive, and the weather allowed introductions, from FSC President Professor, Tim Burt and by Head of Centre, Tim Foster, to proceed outdoors in this Alpine air.  Nick Colton, BMC Deputy CEO and the Mountain Heritage Trust’s Chair, Jeff Ford also gave introductions and Doug Scott CBE, Mountaineer and MHT gave an opening speech in response. 

Sandwiched between the geologies of this vast representation of mountain experience, alpine-achievement and montane environment learning, I found myself on the rock face, delivering my poem as the opening moment for the Archive – the poem: Piton – a peg, a climbing fixed point – a metaphor for the archive’s role in fixing these mountain achievements, its names and personalities, to our history, but also a place of striking out, inspired, to new Adventures…..

Read more about the work of The Mountain Heritage Trust its collections and exhibition, and latest news links.

Look out for future publication news on where to read my poem – Piton

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Blencathra FSC & Mountain Heritage Trust ….both very much at home, on the Mountain:

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