The words are out there….

Autumn into Winter here has been a time to capture ideas, with many opportunities to get outdoors, to move through the landscape, experience it first hand.

Many walks throughout October and into November, backed by strong easterly winds, saw incredibly large landfalls of Redwings and Fieldfares arrive from Scandinavia.

Crossing from the Isle of Skye, some 2000+ birds flowed across the Kyle, on one particular Saturday, blowing across the road from pine to pine like leaf flurries, out of place in a coniferous tree-scape.

Similar influxes homed in on Lakeland Rowan trees, stripped in a frenzy of lightning wing-flashes, branches already overburdened by a generous season’s cropping of berries – then, by laden thrushes.

There is a tangible wildness about these birds, always alert, moving, unconfiding.

This fragment came from one such walk:

“…..and with it, the Fieldfare’s chacking call billhooks the hedge from beneath its feet and it moves on restlessly, constantly leading away…..”

Image Credit: Phil Houghton










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